Service Partners

Painters, inspectors, lawyers, movers, mortgage specialists, handymen, mention but a few…are of vital importance to managing a successful move.

All take pride in their work and know that their quick response time and attention to detail in their task at hand will ensure that they remain as part of the collection of the Barb & Carole Real Estate Team.

Barb & Carole pride themselves on being collectors. Not just collectors of art, or music or books…but more importantly collectors of good people. In order for Barb & Carole to project manage the sale of a home or the purchase and move into a new home, there must be good people involved to make it as positive an experience as possible.

We offer a Lifetime Concierge Service to our clients, helping connect them with tried and true services… be it a lawyer, painter, restaurant, musician, artist…anything! We take it as a compliment when clients call years later after working with us and ask for advice/a referral.