Carole’s Clones

Most of Carole’s business comes from referrals and repeat clients. It speaks volumes about their confidence in her marketing skills, negotiating skills, track record, professionalism and work ethic.

So when clients have to buy or sell in another province, or country, they can rest assured that we have scouted the globe for “Carole Clones” to ensure they will continue to receive the top notch service they have come to expect.

It costs the client nothing as the referral agent pays Carole a referral fee in appreciation.

“We source ‘like’ people who will meet their needs. If a client needs somebody to take care of them, we set it up,” says Carole who has provided referrals to other agents in far reaches like California and Alberta.

“I’d gone to a conference in California and really connected with an agent there so when our clients were selling their house in California and moving to Ottawa we referred them to him,” says Carole. “Our clients were so pleased! Their home sold in a very short period of time and they didn’t have to go through the hit-and-miss of trying to find someone.”

During a Canadian Real Estate Conference Carole met an agent from Fort McMurry, Alberta. “She was like my clone!” says Carole with a laugh. So it goes without saying when she had clients moving to Fort McMurry she felt very comfortable sending them her way.

What Carole Looks For

On the buying end Carole looks for agents who are personable, professional (not pushy!), dedicated to the job, with a solid knowledge of the area and who have the same appreciation for the time lines of the purchaser.

When it comes to referring out-of-town clients to a selling agent, Carole once again looks for personable, professional individuals with a proven track record and an excellent marketing  program.

“The key is finding somebody that is a clone so if they like dealing with us, appreciate our services and like the same kind of approach, they’ll like dealing with them.”

If you have a friend or colleague that is in need of a real estate agent, either for buying OR selling:

Give them them the link to this page
Give them Carole’s number 1-613-271-8120.