More about Carole Evans

What do horses, piano lessons, Bio-Engineers and New Brunswick Tourism have in common? They are part of what makes Carole Evans’ real estate practice “different”.

It is ironic that Carole Evans’ earliest memories are that of moving.  She was only 2 ½ years old and the Reid family home was packed into two trucks – Carole’s father driving one and a neighbour the other. As she climbed into the neighbour’s truck with her mother she watched her father and brother drive off. The panic that raked through her body can still be rekindled.  She was never going to see them again!

Nothing could have been further from the truth. But the lesson of that trauma has remained with Carole as she works with other families, helping them deal with the stresses of moving.

Carole grew up on a horse farm near Woodstock, New Brunswick where she, along with her parents, 3 siblings & uncle lived an almost idyllic life. The four children all consider themselves to be very fortunate to have grown up with a totally blind family member. Sympathy for their blind uncle did not exist, only appreciation for strengths & weaknesses.

The family established a very successful horse business. “Negotiating has been a part of my life since I was a young child watching my father negotiate deals. These are not skills that suddenly appear but rather ones that are built upon. Maturity hones the skill of negotiation, using common-sense, appreciation for value, and a good-eye for a good deal to help a client get the most for their money.”

Born into a musical family, Carole has played piano since the age of 5. It is a vital part of her life, allowing her a venue to express her emotions, be it though classical, spiritual, jazz or her own compositions. “My musical abilities are all part of the creativity thing. It is important to be able to visualize what might be in a house, not just what is concrete and in front of your face.”

After university in Fredericton, Carole married her friend, Harry, an Electrical Engineer whom she had met while he was doing his Master degree in Bio-engineering. (They celebrate 34 years this year….or as Carole jokes “we’ve had 5 good years of marriage. The 1st year was good, the 7th, the 15, and the 22nd & 27th.). They went on to have two wonderful boys, Robert & Colin…one with strong technical skills and the other exceptional people skills. These three males in her life persevere with the hectic pace she leads.

Carole’s early career days were primarily in the marketing field – N.B tourism & industrial development in southern NB. “My marketing & public relations skills are used throughout the marketing of homes. It is not just enough to assume that a sign and listing on the MLS is adequate. A marketing plan is essential. I present one to clients on the listing of their house. Networking is also a vital component of an effective marketing plan.”

The entrepreneur that was in her blood first appeared when she & her best friend, Beth Kelly, started Aquila Tours. It has since gone on to become one of the fastest growing companies in the Maritime Provinces, winning awards on a yearly basis.

Carole excelled in whatever task or job she took on but she has two proud highlights: 1. committing a year to help organize Sylvia House Hospice for terminally ill people: doing all of the legal work (incorporation & charitable status), and making the formal presentations to hospitals, government bodies, churches, etc. 2. Orchestrating the study of CPR in high schools throughout Renfrew County.

Carole taught Gr. 13 Law & Sociology with the Carleton School Bd. – “My teaching hat helps me to explain, in easy to understand terms, what the legal jargon means and to break the whole buying or selling process down into manageable parts- de-mystifying this whole real estate thing.”

In 1991 Carole lost both of her beloved parents in a car crash in New Brunswick. This life experience has given her an understanding that augments her degree in social work & counseling – “My counselor’s hat comes out continually with people who are grieving loss, be it of a family-member through death or divorce; with children- teens experiencing a move from friends; with the difficulties experienced in down-sizing. One must hear & understand what an individual is experiencing to be able to help them effectively.”

She left teaching grade 13 law & sociology (Adult Night School, allowing her to be at home through the day with her young children) and changed careers totally, eventually ending up in real estate, a passion that has utilized all of her life experiences and skills.

“My experience with my husband & two children as well as the experience of growing up in New Brunswick in a wonderful family, has helped me to appreciate the needs of a family, the traumas of moving and what a family needs in a home.”

Carole glows when she talks about real estate. The people. The creative marketing. Her team. The change that comes with each client’s needs. She loves all of it.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. – Henry David Thoreau

Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential. – John Maxwell