Barb was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, spent her childhood in the Greater Toronto Area and moved to a suburb of Ottawa called Stittsville at the age of 13. Barb spent her teenage years in the neighbourhood of Crossing Bridge in Stittsville when Stittsville was just in the beginnings of its commercial push and residential expansion. She attended South Carleton High School in Richmond; she “fondly” remembers the day her parents drove her to her new school and had to stop for a family of skunks to cross the road. Barb quickly realized that life in Ottawa would be a good one and fell in love with its greenspaces, rural areas, as well as the exciting, culture-filled downtown core. In retrospect she knows her life is fuller for having been in Ottawa.

After high school, she studied history at Carleton University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts specializing in North American History. During her university career Barb was introduced to the world of real estate with a part time job as a receptionist at a local real estate office. Here she learned the language of the business and the administrative side to the real estate market.

Not long after graduating, life stepped in and love swept her off her feet and caused her to follow her now husband, Steve, to Sydney, Australia for a year. It was a year of exploring a foreign country, adjusting to a new culture and lifestyle, meeting many new people and enjoying the warm weather and the beaches. Then in 2010, Steve was transferred to Amsterdam for work. Barb, once again, packed up their household and prepared herself to try life on another continent, this time in a foreign speaking country. It was love at first sight with Amsterdam and Barb….arriving on New Year’s Day 2010, the city was a mess, filled with the leftovers from the night before….it was cold and damp, a different cold than Canada…but she was in love. She spent her days exploring her new city, going from museum to museum, canal to canal. Barb describes her years spent abroad as an amazing experience and one that she would not trade for the world.

When opportunity knocked for Steve to return to work in Canada, both he and Barb decided it would be a good idea for many reasons. An important reason for Barb was that she was beyond ready to sink her teeth into a career and begin exploring what she wanted to do with her life professionally. Decision made, they once again packed up a household and left their expat life behind and prepared to come home.

Being home after so long away, only highlighted all the reasons that Barb loved Ottawa. Settling in Stittsville, Barbara quickly began the job hunt thinking it would take some time before she found anything. To her delight, Carole Evans, telephoned her for an interview not long after her search had begun. The chemistry was instantaneous, and Barb felt excited at the prospect of working in real estate again, this time in both an administrative position but also in the role of managing the marketing for the Evans Team. Over the next five years Barbara took on a very active role in Evans Team coordinating both the office, events and marketing of Evans Team Ottawa. Having learned loads about these aspects over the past years, it was in the summer of 2015 that Barbara decided to further her education and present a new challenge for herself to receive her Ontario Real Estate License. Barb received her license in 2016 and dove right into her new role with the Barb and Carole Team. 

Barb and her husband still live in Stittsville but have since added a child to their family, a son named Declan. Check out her Instagram for photos – you won’t regret it! 

Barb loves her work. Meeting new people, facing new challenges and problem solving everyday are the things she loves most about real estate. She loves being a part of the momentous journey of her clients in buying and/or selling their homes. It can be a time of great emotion…both exciting and stressful, joyful and sad…Barb puts herself right into the shoes of her clients and can empathize and understand where they are coming from. Her greatest goal is to be able to do that and to help her clients through one of the most important steps in their lives.