Okay, I know, I know…we’re Canadians…we all know how to stay warm in the winter but it is CHILLY out there today so thought I’d give a few reminder tips. If you have any tips not mentioned send them on over…I will take whatever I can get!

  1. Dress according to your activities – there is a big difference between walking from your car to your office and spending the day skiing or skating. Overheating in the winter during exercise can be just as bad as being underheated because once we stop moving and cool down, we will develop quite a chill. LAYER! That’s your best bet so you can always adjust your temperature.
  2. Warm up yourself first – before your house that is! If you’re cold at home, it is more efficient to warm yourself first by layering up before heating up your house. Not mention more wallet and environmentally-friendly.Winter_Landscape01
  3. Sleep with the thinnest blankets on top – sounds strange I know, but layer your thickest duvet closest to you with secondary blankets on top. Winter is for warmth, not necessarily the latest home decor!
  4. Wear a hat…and boots – it is true what my mother told me throughout all of those painful arguments about wearing ugly hats and boots…wear them, your body will thank you!
  5. Eat well – always important, but more important than ever in the winter…eat your breakfast! Get your body up and going and your metabolism revving to help keep you going, especially on that morning commute.