the history of vance farm

The neighbourhood of Vance Farm is tied deeply to the surrounding community. The farm was named for Irwin Vance who immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1840 at the age of 20. He was the first and foremost businessman in the Village of Carp. The neighbourhood of Vance Farm was land purchased for his son Thomas. And so it passes through the generations of Vance’s as they grew grain and raised cattle. Katie Vance, Irwin’s granddaughter-in-law also known as Granny Vance, adored nature and adored the natural blueberries and blackberries and Lady Slippers throughout the area. Gorgeous maple trees are a source of maple syrup and give the area a sense of tradition and grandeur. Although this area of the farm that now houses the Land Ark estates homes was sold, the Vance’s do still continue farming in the West Carleton area.

Land Ark set out to build this community of estate homes keeping the traditions of the area intact. As Land Ark themselves put it “Land Ark Homes has taken the traditions of Vance Farm and created a community designed for today’s lifestyle – the peace and serenity of country estate living combined with convenient access to nearby cultural and employment centres. A place for you and your family to create your own family traditions of gracious living and enjoyment of the natural surroundings.”

Land ark homes & craftsman architecture

The homes within Vance Farm are all inspired by the architects, landscapers and interior designers of the Craftsman Movement. Starting in the early 20th century, Craftsman architecture gained momentum for its sense of comfort while still being beautiful. Functional rooms were mixed with family needs….large kitchens, open concept principal rooms, no more wasted space on formality. Materials such as stucco, brick, shingles, stone were used….large front porches were a very typical feature! Lots of columns and details in trimwork were present. In short, the homes in Vance Farm are beautiful, functional and most importantly warm and inviting family homes.