We had our first Tasting Ottawa evening of 2017 last night with Canvas Resto-Bar on Holland in Hintonburg. Walking in, we found relief from the cold in this cozy, neighbourhood bistro that is not large but very welcoming. Located near an abundance of galleries, theatre spots and other popular spots in Hintonburg this is a great spot to stop in for a bite when you’re in the area.

Upon our arrival there were beautiful antipasti platters spread across our reserved seating area. Meats, cheeses, olives, crostini…all delicious and the perfect start to our meal as we ordered from an extensive, very good wine list. Others chose from a selection of beer. As a side note, they have a great cocktail menu as well!

Chef Charles Beauregard and his team had prepared a six course tasting menu for us. We love this style of event because we are constantly surprised by what we receive and it allows us to converse with other foodies about what we’re eating!

Our first course was a trout mousse on a crostini flavoured with lemon and dill. It was fresh, clean and a great way to begin our evening. Next was my favourite dish of the night, a beet, potato and celeriac soup that was dairy free but amazingly creamy. This is a dish I will try to recreate at home, probably not be able to and just go back to Canvas and ask them to make it for me! It was so creamy but entirely vegan and dairy-free. Topped with almonds and chives for some texture, it was delicious. Our next small plate was a chicken pot pie. Traditional, creamy, savoury chicken pot pie was piled on to a puff pastry square. It was so good! A perfect dish for a cold night such as yesterday evening.

Our fourth course was a confit duck on top of a white bean cassoulet. Again, this was such a great dish for a winter’s night. The cassoulet was piping hot with a smokey undertone from the bacon and piled on top was tender duck confit. Our final main course dish was steak frites with roasted vegetables. The steak was cooked in a sous-vide style, meaning it is vacuum sealed and slow cooked in a low temperature water bath so it retains its moisture and flavour better. Once removed the steak is seared to finish it off coming out perfectly medium rare…which it was! Piled on top of crispy, salty frites and sitting beside a bed of roasted winter vegetables it was a great finish to the savoury part of our evening.

Dessert was a take on a chocolate bar…it was the Canvas Chocolate Bar. Dark chocolate flavoured with peppermint and dried blueberries with whipped cream and fresh fruit. It was a good end to an amazing tasting menu as it was not too heavy or too sweet.

A big thank you to Charles and his team at Canvas! We enjoyed ourselves so much and it was all thanks to your wonderful service. They were so welcoming and fun during the planning of this event as well as during the event itself. All of our guests commented on the amazing atmosphere and service. We look forward to dining with you again soon!

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