This is the last newsletter that Barbara Granata will be a part of!!  No…she has not quit! It is with great joy that I share with you that Barbara Granata is soon….as in Sept 30th…..going to become Barbara Dods! Yes….Barbara  is getting married! We will share her wedding photos on Facebook so if you do not follow Evans Team…. you should HERE. Congratulations Barbara & Steve!!
As fall approaches I always see more change appear on the scene too as people close their cottages, enjoy their gardens one last time, swear that they will never spend another summer in a rental…..or just feel that it is time to make a move. People ask all of the time…”Do people just move in May, June, July and August?”  I personally have moved in: June, November, January, October and November. So if you are contemplating change, or have a friend or colleague that is, please contact us.
Happy Fall!! AND congratulations Barbara and Steve!

Our Process: Buyers

How times have changed! It used to be that the realtor had almost total control over what houses a buyer saw or didn’t see. Now the buyer has access to all of this! I love it! The average buyer might see hundreds of houses before they purchase now…..mostly online! The more educated a buyer is…the happier they are.

Our role now, as opposed to just showing the house, is to:

  • introduce new areas that perhaps the buyer might not have considered
  • to research each house and its surroundings for potential issues
  • assess if the house is a good investment
  • save the buyer time by determining in advance if there are concerns before the buyer’s valuable time is wasted going to see a house.

BUT…. We always bear in mind that WE are not buying the house so it is our job just to share the information and not to try to make the decision for the buyer.

I think back to when we moved to Ottawa from New Brunswick many years ago. Our realtor, soooo lovely, advised us that Castlefrank Rd was NOT the place for us to be buying. We had a 2 year old and I was pregnant with our second child. The road was going to become busier and busier. We bought there anyway and loved it! We were across from my beloved library….. Sparks Farm with its horses (that reminded me of home) and walking distance to everything. We had many happy years there. The agent did her job….she advised us.(We consequently had the most street-savvy children around, very cautious of traffic always.)

I also think of our last move. We told our agent that we did NOT want:

  • Bridlewood
  • a pool
  • and required a fabulous kitchen as I love to cook and entertain.

So were did we buy? Bridlewood…with a pool and a wretchedly small and unworkable kitchen. ….but with what I think is the nicest lot in the area. I tell this story to our clients all the time. They should always tell us about a house that appeals to them even if it falls totally outside of the criteria that we have given them. Who knows? It just might be the perfect house.

SAVE THE DATE! Discovering Ottawa with Grace in the Kitchen

We are lucky enough to have been able to partner with Grace in the Kitchen again this year for this fabulous, private shopping event. The event is taking place on Wednesday November 15 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Admission is completely FREE!

 If you don’t already know, this beautiful store is partnered with Serious Cheese  and is a valued member of our local business society, both in Ottawa and Kanata specifically. They offer a wide range of kitchen products, gourmet foods, the best knives in the world AND a delicous cheese counter, deli and cafe with housemade pastries and more! They offer products ranging from Le Creuset’s famous pots, pans and dishes to Breville’s world renowned small appliances. There is a large selection of gluten-free gourmet food along with locally sourced products from Seed to Sausage and the best olive oils on hand as well.

New Grace Logo

Stay tuned for more specific details but we can guarantee that it will be like Christmas in November!

RSVP QUICKLY to or to 613-592-6400. Spots will fill up quickly so book your spot ASAP and bring a friend/spouse or both! We encourage people to bring their family and friends to expose them to this great local store.

Stay tuned to the website for any updates AND be sure to stay posted on our Facebook pages for details as well

Recipe of the Month:

Deep Fried Bacon Polenta Topped with Bacon Marmalade & Maple-Glazed Bacon

I had the joy of hosting an engagement party in August for my son, Colin, and his lovely fiance, Sarah. It was a backyard affair with friends and family. My son, in looking over the menu, decided that the hors d’ouerves were very very healthy… not to his liking. It was my son’s engagement….a very special occasion… sooooo… here is the creation that trust me….. was a total hit….. and right up there with poutine in terms of nutrition! It IS gluten-free at least!!
Bring 4 1/2 cups salted water to a boil.
Add 1 cup coarse grind cornmeal (NOT the quick cooking) slowly, whisking it in. Stir constantly until the mixture is thick and when you stir to the bottom of the pot there remains a gorge allowing you to see to the bottom (this is a Barbara Granata instruction!).

Stir in 1/4 cup chopped chives, pepper, 1/3 to 1/2 cup bacon fat , 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese.

Put into parchment lined pans about 1″ thick. Let chill over night.
Barbecue Maple-glazed bacon and cut into 8 pieces. Wrap in paper towel to drain.
Cut polenta into 1″ squares. Deep fry in a pan with canola oil until browned well. Rest on paper towel to absorb some of the grease.
Top with President’s Choice Bacon marmalade (sooooo good!!) and a piece of the bacon. Serve hot.
NOW I will explain the rest of the story about how this delicacy came to be. The original recipe had me making a jelly roll with polenta BUT the bacon fat changed the consistency entirely. It would not roll. SO… my sous chef, my other son Robert, and I decided to try to cut it into squares and barcebue it. No go. Then to broil it. No go. Then to pan fry it. No go.
Robert says ” Mom there is only one thing left to do….deep fry it!”
AND the dish was born!

Tasting Ottawa Review: Our Evening with La Cucina

We here at Evans Team Ottawa have long been regulars at La Cucina. Carole often visits for both lunch and dinner and enjoys their gluten-free options and says their bruschetta is the best in town! I love their soups at lunch with bruschetta on the side…nothing better. We really love going for the atmosphere and the out of this world service. So when it came time to pick a location for our autumn Tasting Ottawa event, the choice was easy! La Cucina it was.

We have done a Tasting Ottawa event here a few years ago but it seemed appropriate to visit again with a new group because they have recently changed locations to 5547 Hazeldean Road, placing them right in the middle of Stittsville and Kanata. The new space is modern and spacious while still feeling comfortable and intimate. There is space for large groups to hold events, such as ours…or make a reservation for a table for two for a quiet dinner.

Our evening began with overflowing charcuterie boards with a diverse array of salamis, prosciutto, capicollo, cheeses and pickled and marinated vegetables. My favourite was the Genoa salami, the young mozzarella and the marinated mushrooms…delicious! Next, we were served an abundance of their famous bruschetta. It is so fresh and full of flavour! The bread is slightly toasted which prevents it from being soggy but it is much easier to eat than some bruschettas that are served on a crostini. One of our diners even mentioned his dislike for tomatoes…and then had three pieces of bruschetta…it IS that good!

We so enjoy our Tasting Ottawa evenings. While being served delicious food we always have such a great group of conversationalists and topics range from travel, to current events, to personal milestones…I really enjoy being part of such a great network that can easily talk about amazing food, their most recent travels OR the housing market….there is something for everyone!

For our main course we were served traditional veal marsala with seasonal vegetables. Marsala sauce is built around the sweetness of Marsala wine and made earthy and rich with mushrooms, garlic and beef stock. It was delicious with the veal cutlets and I adored the mushrooms in the sauce as they were cooked beautifully, just enough so they still offered great texture. The vegetables were a big hit with everyone at the table…luscious rapini blanched to ease its bitterness and then sauteed with garlic…divine! And one of my personal favourites. The new potatoes were roasted with herb, butter and garlic and were just crispy enough on the outside while pillowy and soft on the inside. Melt in your mouth!

As we continued to sip on Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc, we were served our final savoury course….a perfectly cooked pappardelle with tomato and basil sauce. Pappardelle is a wide, flat pasta similar to fettucine but thinner and wider. Again, one of my favourites. The tomato and basil sauce was simple yet delicious and sung of seasonal tomatoes!

For dessert there was a family style tray of tiramisu and cannoli placed before us. Our guests just raved about both but the tiramisu was the winner of the evening. What we also really appreciated was that they catered to a person in our group that had a nut allergy with a delicious nut-free sticky toffee pudding which was raved about.

We knew our choice for this Tasting Ottawa event was going to be a good one and we were not disappointed at all, in fact our expectations were surpassed! We’ve always believed how great this restaurant is and we hope that you will try it if you have not yet! Let us know how you like it!

A big thank you to Johnny, Joe and Meredith for an absolutely lovely evening.

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