Ontario band, Inlet Sound, performs for Ottawa Home Concerts on March 14 at 6:30 pm. This 5-member band, started in 2009, released its first album The Romantics in 2012. The band, which can be described as a Canadian Mumford & Sons, has a range of music from the cynical to the hopeful and optimistic. Their album has a compilation of songs inspired by youthful experiences and growing up. Sticking to their routes they recorded their album in various places throughout Northern Ontario against the backdrop of the Canadian Shield. A favourite of CBC radio the band continues to tour and perform to enthralled audiences and the year ahead looks very promising and exciting for them. We are so excited to have them perform for us so RSVP quickly to Carole@EvansTeamOttawa to reserve your spot! Check out their page on CBC HERE and their website HERE.

Inlet Sound alley way walking