Join Carole for her next concert at Carole’s Place on Saturday Feb 25th with doors opening at 6pm! This, the first concert of 2017, features the internationally-recognised cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne with two of his projects…The Visit  & Kamancello.


Raphael Weinroth-Browne, cellist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, has made a name for himself  as a versatile musician both in Canada and internationally. We get to see this most-gifted cellist performing with two of his most recent projects:

The Visit, comprised of Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Heather Sita Black (voice), is a musical dialogue that transcends genres and idioms. Combining the structures and instrumentation of classical chamber music with the intricacy of Middle Eastern and Persian music and the emotional and rhythmic weight of metal, their lengthy, through-composed pieces conjure sonic worlds in which listeners can immerse themselves.

The duo has garnered virtually unanimous praise for their incendiary live performances and secured coveted slots at Nouvelle Prague Festival in Prague, Czech Republic, Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest, and the Royal Conservatory’s esteemed 21C Festival in Toronto. Their internationally-acclaimed debut album Through Darkness Into Light has been praised as “an almost impossibly beautiful release”

[…] “that should appeal to fans of both metal and classical music.” The Visit is making their mark on the international stage as they forge a musical path all their own.

Kamancello, comprised of Shahiyar Jamishidi on kamanche and Raphael on cello, blurs musical genre conventions with their highly evocative improvised performances. Shahiyar was born in Iran and raised in a traditional Kurdish community in which music played an essential role in daily life. He studied the kamanche, a 4 string bowed instrument, with celebrated master musicians, with a focus on Kurdish music, and has been devoted to recreating classical Kurdish music in a way that resonates with younger generations. With Raphael Weinroth-Brown on cello, they bridge the distance between East & West, mixing the subtlety of traditional Persian and Kurdish music with the rigour of Western classical music.

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