The Ottawa Citizen did a wonderful piece on the new skateway that has become extremely popular near Lac des Loups in the Outaouais this year. Dave Mayer, creator of the trail, has lived his entire life on the 100 acre piece of property which now has this beautiful skateway winding through it. He
created the skateway as a source of income for his family when his construction business slows during the winter season. He never thought it would become as popular as it is.

This past week was the inaugural weekend for Mayer’s new skateway and his expectations were met and very much exceeded. More than 3,000 skaters have visited since the ice has opened which was what Mayer’s goal was for the whole season. About an hour’s drive from Ottawa this
skateway winds through the beautiful flora and fauna of the Outaouais Region and the ice is maintained with a fire truck and professional grade equipment.

While the iconic Rideau Canal is still not open, Mayer is anxiously awaiting this moment to see the true test of his new operation. Regardless of what happens when the Canal opens, we think Mayer’s new skateway will remain a busy spot. The testimonials the Citizen was able to collect were fantastic and the skateway has attracted people from all of the globe including France and Australia. People want the experience!

Have you been out on it yet? If so, please send us some photos to share! This is a great way to enjoy our winter season while supporting local business.

Visit the website HERE for ice conditions, hours and rates.