With gluten-intolerance being a very common issue for people with food today, we thought we’d keep an ongoing list of Ottawa shops that offer gluten-free products and meals. No matter what reason you may be avoiding gluten for, due to an allergy or just trying to eat better, knowing where to shop is important. Click on the below for the locations and websites of the following stores.

1. Natural Food Pantry

2. Lazy Pickle

3. Rainbow Foods

4. The Joy of Gluten Free

5. Nicastro’s Grocer & Deli

6. FUK Flour

7. Finally Gluten Free

8. Owma Bakes

9. Va Va Vegan



Also offering a selection of gluten-free products are larger grocery stores such as Loblaws, Independent Grocers, Farm Boys and Sobey’s plus the T&T Specialty Asian Grocer in Ottawa South.

Keep posted to this website for more stores that we love, as we find them!