We, along with so many of you, already know how AMAZING our city is! However, Ottawa has made the New York Times as a top
destination for 2017 and we are thrilled for our beloved city. Remy Scalza of the New York Times has published an article discussing what to do with 36 hours in Ottawa and it is packed full with a bunch of our favourite things about the city. Everything from the “thriving food scene” to the historical charms and cultural diversity.


The article lists places we all know and love such as Parliament Hill, the National Gallery and Rideau Canal but also names some of Ottawa’s favourite new spots such as restaurant Riviera and
hipster pub, Manx. It also mentions some of Ottawa’s long standing favourites such as one of Beckta’s trio, Play Food & Wine, and Ottawa’s favourite ethical coffee shop, Bridgehead.

Have a read through the whole article to check off where you have visited and be sure to visit the spots you haven’t. Photos courtesy of New York Times.