Project Description

  Westwind Public School

Our School

Westwind Public School opened its doors on September 6, 2011. Nestled in the southern part of Stittsville, Westwind is named after one of the first developments called Westwind Farms. Westwind is surrounded by mixed family dwellings in the front of the school and a forested area gracing our back play yard.

Westwind Public School offers beautiful spaces for creativity and collaboration. The two-story structure 4,600 sq m. Junior Kindergarten to Gr. 6 elementary school, at capacity will hold 600 students. The building incorporates 7 kindergarten classrooms, 19 regular classrooms, a double gymnasium and wireless network access throughout the school. Vibrant colours enliven the school along with large floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light throughout. Wood framed shadow boxes and benches in meeting areas and the fun pencil people on male and female washrooms all add unique design touches to the structure.