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AeroPonLeaf Canada CEO Mr. William Sharpe and his senior management team (Gao Jun & David Hyde?) visited two licensed plants for the potential partnership in Cannabis Cultivation, Processing and Sales.| Source | Sept 21st 2020

Slide 6 of 16 “• Opted in to the Cannabis retail provision” & “Working with Aero-Pon Leaf to establish production facility”

Expanding the firedepartment Fire Fanboys claim they have ~10 currently(Src), with 2 more to be ordered (SRC)

O’Cannabiz Toronto: Day 3, SATURDAY APRIL 25, 2020 (12:25 – 1:10 pm main stage)

Aero Pon’s initial team, there are/were three with experience in security.

Paul Thorne worked as the head of security at the Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto

Donm Stewart worked as security for RBC

Andrew Ellis is a former Deputy Director with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.



Google Maps on Contact Page (Wiki) Dirt roads around a lake that has no local population….
1910 Fairport Road Pickering ON L1V 1T4
590 Liverpool Rd, Pickering, ON L1W 1P9
440 Kingston Rd,  Pickering,  ON    L1V 1A4
(Tenkey PanamaPapers) ( NFO ) different company…

Tenkeys Clubhouse (440 Kingston Rd) , Tenkey Marina/MarinaNFO
Tenkey Ground assesment Nov 7 2018 (GoogleMap)
TenKey Associated Buzinesses  NListing2 GovtCanada Tenkey

Chinese Heritage Society Of Canada (Tenkey members)
Loyalist College w/ pot program and a bancroft campus

CTV interview with AeroponLeaf Canada CEO William R.Sharpe at New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit

Original application submitted to Health Canada on June 22 2018 by Cannabis Compliance Inc. (SRC pg 91)

Tenkey Job Posting

William has been active in the cannabis industry specifically with the development (Construction of has begun) of AeroPonLeaf in Bancroft (Y road Property), a new licenced cultivation facility (William is anticipating receiving their license from Health Canada in early 2020) with plans to include a retail store, guest lodge, cottages, cannabis wellness spa and more. (SRC)


-“…. “Y” Road Storage and Designer Kitchens. Both places are owned and operated by Phil and Paola Vickers. They have run these places for 5 years but before that it was owned by others that ran them for the same purposes for over 15 years.” (Hastings Highlands Mayor Facebook Vic Bodnar)

-This Cannabis Production facility will incorporate eventually a retail outlet and brewery (mayor’s diary 021919)

-Sharpe said they expect to get their license in October or November after applying for it in June 2018.

-First phase which is budgeted for 15 million has reached 10 million in investor’s contributions so far. The projection to completion for this phase is for this year.(mayor’s diary 041319)

-Aero Pon Leaf Canada – Y Road Campus

-Loyalist College “Cannabis Applied Science Facebook Live Info Session July 24th 19:30-20:30” ( Facebook Video )

-Y Road Storage

Hasting Highlands Sale of land surplus land in “hershel
Hasting Highlands Meeting Notes


4Seasons has been at some of the travel shows William R.Sharpe has spoke at
4Seasons former Molson Coors
Will Forbes Brand Partnerships | LinkedIN
Kristina Zapletal Guest Recognition | LinkedIN
Erik Bettencourt Audit & Investigations | LinkedIN

UofToronto ’04 Bachelor Applied Science
launched 1st in “Travel & Tourism” (Exec Director)
2014 Lisa (Xai) Xu & Gao Jun ( of Ancone Development Corporation)(src) join to est. “Canada Tenkey Holdings”
“After cooperating with Ankang Development Co., Ltd. in the Year 2013, Canada Tenkey Education Group officially changed its name to Canada Tenkey Holdings(CTH).” (src)

Huizhou Antique Co.

Registered Canadian Companies | Same w/more nfo
Aeroponleaf Trademark

  • Graduated from Jiangxi Normal University in ’89
  • Mr. Xu Meihua, CEO of Canada Jinyu Capital, south beach spirits
  • *dad to David
  • Use to work for/at/with Mina Mar Group


  • CFO @ Hanenrgy and @ Zmrk and @Golden Panegyric Inc


Former Federal Minister for Immigration and Citizenship

Member of the Board of Directors of AeroPonLeaf Canada

TrTworld interview @ ~3min mark

LinkedIN (Wiki)

  • CEO/Director @ AeroPonLeaf
  • Ceo/Founder @ Clairport corp
  • LinkedIN
  • LinkedIN
  • Texas Bar Records attorney records updated last 03/19/2019: (assume it was moving from texas to FL after being hired by GPI)
  • Eastern Illinois University Class of 1968, B.S.
  • University of Oklahoma Class of 1973 J.D.
  • California Northern District Court 1973, Texas (45 years exp as a lawyer)
  • started Hannergy in ’89 after finishing university and borrowed $$ from his teacher

LinkedIN | Wikipedia | Forbes

Forrmer chairman of LCBO and

board chairman(former)/director(current) @ AeroPonLeaf Canada

LinkedIN (Wiki)

Pontiac Silverdom – bought in 2009 for ~583,000USD | Property Record | Casino Project Triple properties gave 100k andreas also dontated personally |
Penobscot Building – $4.8mil (early 2012) Detroit’s third-tallest office tower
201 Michigan Avenue – Pay parking beside a Holiday inn Express&Suits Detroit Downtown

*Sold to Bedrock Real Estate Services dec 2014* Detroit’s historic State Savings Bank , bought for about $700,000 (2012ish)

Triple Group of Properties, a Toronto firm with investments in Chicago, New York, Detroit, Florida and overseas (src)
“portfolio includes properties in Toronto, Detroit and New York as well as Greece, the U.K. and Australia, said Steve Apostolopoulos” (src)

Durham Live 240-acre,
Phase 1: 330,000 square foot Casino, 225 room Hotel, 2,500 seat Concert Venue in Pickering to open in 2020
Phase 2: 150,000 square feet of (approx 20-30) restaurant/food offerings, 30,000 luxury Retail, 350 room Hotel w/ 100,000+ square foot Convention centre and 250,000 square feet of film studios.
Phase 3: 350,000 square feet of Retail
Phase 4: Other entertainment: Ice Rink, Indoor Water park..
Developers website also lists VIP cinemas & Golf Course.(src)

Triple Properties, the Toronto-based development company run by Andreas Apostolopoulos and his son, Steve Apostolopoulos

(Global News | Architect/Planning/Design for Project SvN (portfolio) )

Wiki | Macleans |

Golden Panegyric Inc (

Xu Meihua (Robert)
-President Director

Xu Guiping (David)

Peng Liangjian
-Vice President/Director

Amanda Zhao
-Vice President/Director

David E. Wise

Aero Pon Leaf

Lisa Wu
-Chairman of Board

William R Sharpe
-Director &CEO

Sheng Tang
-Director & CFO

Andrew Steve Brandt

Chris Alexander

Robert Xu

Jeff Peng PhD
-Public Relation

Zalemark (Zmrk)

Meihua (Robert) Xu
-CEO and President

Liangjian Peng
-Vice president of Operations

Amanda Zhao
-Vice president of Finance

Jinfu Zheng
-Vice President of Business Development

David Xu

Other Businesses and Places of Interest

Markham Doctor with Giant Building in Lindsay  (#2) (#3)

Madawaska Mountain (RadCliffe Ski Resort) 41430A Combermere Rd, Barry’s Bay, ON K0J 1B0 (Sale)



Investor Slides

Constantine Constandis

Sproutly Closes Acquisition of “Infusion Biosciences Canada and SSM Partners” Article