As promised, I have made a recipe from the Winter 2017 issue of Food & Drink and will now give you a review. This was a good one! While it was not the easiest for a weeknight it would make a great meal for an intimate, Saturday dinner party or for a special occasion. I often use flank steaks when entertaining because I find it is such an affordable, easy cut of steak to cook. However, this recipe did take a bit more effort than my usual “marinate for as long as possible and throw it on the grill” take on flank steak. I’ve gone through the recipe here chronologically in the steps that I prepared it in.


The marinade was simple to prepare and a familiar recipe to me, I use the same ingredients in my typical steak marinade. I usually add a citrus element to help break down the toughness that you can find with flank sometimes and you could here, but it wouldn’t be necessary. I chose to marinate the steak for two hours on the counter and it worked well. However, marinating it the night before would have eliminated a step for a weeknight meal.

LEEK ASH!! Where have you been all my life?! Or really just food ash in general…I’ll never throw away carrot greens, beet greens, leek tops again. This was SO simple….take the part of the vegetable you wouldn’t typically use, rinse thoroughly, make sure it is dry and put it into a 400 degree oven until it’s burnt….I mean, the worst cook in the world could do this! And the taste of it…bitter, smokey, sweet all at once. Don’t be afraid to take this as far as you can, don’t worry that you’re burning it…it is supposed to be dark, dark, dark.

The leek ash emulsion was the part of the recipe I was most unsure of. Nevertheless, I just took it step by step and the result was amazing! This creamy, smokey element that added so much to the final dish. This created a depth of flavour and texture that the dish couldn’t have survived without. Make sure to really keep the eggs soft boiled and not medium so the creamy texture is right. I did mine in simmering water for 5 minutes and put them immediately into an ice bath. 

Cauliflower is one of my favourite vegetables and this was an easy way to prepare it. Be careful to keep the core intact when slicing into steaks, otherwise your cauliflower will crumble into florets. Steve, my partner, is not a huge fan of cauliflower but he did like this preparation of it…even when it wasn’t covered in cheese sauce!

The timing for the steak worked out well for me as my flank was 1.5 pounds requested by the recipe. If your size differs keep an eye on it because it is so easy to overcook.

Plating the dish was a lot of fun….unfortunately none of my photos turned out. I’ve included one from the LCBO here. Be assured my plates looked just as beautiful 🙂

This was a delicious dish that would impress any guests but was definitely enjoyed by Steve and I. As always, be sure to send me any recipes that you love…I love to try new things. The Spring 2017 Food & Drink will be released on March 15. Get this issue’s recipe HERE! Enjoy!

Happy Cooking!