Every year homeowners are planning renovations or upgrades to their homes…whether they be small or large…and during this pandemic, home renovations are soaring. With us all spending more time than ever at home we, of course, want it to be a place we love! The kitchen renovation is probably one of the most important you can do to your home. The kitchen adds or detracts value in every single house sale.

Renovating a kitchen does not have to mean breaking the bank…there are small changes you can do to freshen up a kitchen such as painting, upgrading hardware, refacing cabinetry. And even if you do want to do an entire overhaul of your kitchen you don’t have to go with luxury items for every surface. However…it is nice to dream and see what luxury items are trending right now. Plus you can pick one area of your kitchen where you splurge and go more cost effective on the rest. Read on for 5 luxury kitchen design trends that will be popular this year.



  1. Custom stone throughout – marble tends to be a must in high end kitchens and stone surfaces are now known to be much more su
  2. stainable. Use blocks of marble throughout the counters, waterfall islands and backsplash.
  3. A blend of the natural – blending natural materials such as metals and wood together make a statement and create contrast from polished, stone surfaces. Woods that are now coming back into trend are light ash which is subtler than darker woods such as oak.
  4. Latest and greatest appliances – one of the best spots to splurge in a kitchen, in our humble opinion, is on high end appliances. Particularly if you are a cook, these will pay off hugely in your enjoyment of the home but also for investment purposes.
  5. Gourmet from home – adding specialty appliances such as wood fired pizza ovens or juicing stations is a hot trend amongst luxury home owners.
  6. Storage, storage, storage – organization is very on point right now…from living like a minimalist to The Home Edit…everyone wants to be organized. Even if you don’t have a walk-in pantry, custom cabinetry can be designed so it is so well organized. Hidden pull outs and custom cabinetry are two items we love to see in kitchens!

Where you’re planning a complete overhaul or just a quick freshen up for your kitchen, give us a call if you need a referral to a contractor, electrician, painter, plumber…any trade you can think of? We have the name for you!