1. Healthy Living in Action: See, Taste, Ask, Test & Learn! – Taking place on Saturday from 10 until 2, this event is located at the RA Centre on Riverside Drive.  There will be food samples, demonstrations, activities, wellness experts to ask questions to and much more. Entry is free!


2. Christmas Bazaar – Located in the St.Bonaventure Church at 1359 Châtelain Avenue, there will be numerous vendors selling crafted items, home baked treats, preserves, jewelry and more. Enjoy the tea room as well! Entry is free!


3. Labyrinth Lantern Walk – Taking place in Windsor Park on Saturday night at 6:30, this event is entirely free. This event sounds really fun! Walk through a lantern labyrinth for meditation or just for fun! There will also be a free walk through the park with songs for the children. Bring a lantern with you in the tradition of St. Martin’s Day. https://www.facebook.com/laternelaufen?_rdr=p

4. Sunday Night at Zaphod’s – Zaphod Beeblebrox’s eclectic, Sunday “night of stupidity” Trailer Park Bingo is celebration its 6th birthday with extra prizes — other special nights have included vacations to Cuba! — and unpredictable fun, 9 p.m., until late, 27  York St. Tickets: Free! zaphods.ca