It’s that time again! Is it me or are these weeks flying by?? It will be spring before we know it! Check out this weekend’s free events here:

  1. Floe Edge: Contemporary Art and Collaborations from Nunavut:  Running until March 5 this event offers free admission and parking. This exhibit showcases an interdisciplinary art practice that emphasizes the reality and culture of Nunavut. It is an opportunity to “engage” in the works of art rather than just looking at them visually. Visit the link for further information.Architect When Raymond Moriyama was determined to create an architecture that grows out of the land on the Ontario side of the Ottawa river. Some of the landscape around the museum has been purposefully disturbed to suggest the craters and swells of battlefields.
  2. All That You Touch – This exhibit at the Ottawa Art Gallery showcases the work of seven contemporary artists who work with unconventional materials that illustrate aboriginal cultures including familial and geographical histories, cultural stereotypes and more.
  3. Awesome Sundays at the War Museum –  Every month on the last Sunday, the War Museum offers free admittance and lots of great activities for the whole family! Every Sunday has a different theme and different activities including hands-on experience with experts, demos and take-home crafts.