Yes…it’s true! A new public high school has been approved with a budget of $37.4 million from the provincial government. The news dropped on Friday to the relief of much of Stittsville’s population as the community has been pushing for this since about 2003.

Stittsville’s population is growing exponentially and is said to be, by some, the fastest growing community in Ottawa with an expected population of 75,000 by 2025. The new school is expected to hold a capacity of 1,353 and run grades 7 to 12. The two public elementary schools in Stittsville which offer middle school grades are A. Lorne Cassidy and Goulbourn Middle School and may require some restructuring. In the same vein, South Carleton High School in Richmond may require some restructuring as well although Richmond’s population growth is expected so if there is a drop in attendance, it could be for only a short while.

There are two possible locations slotted for the new Stittsville school. One is the southwest corner of Robert Grant Drive and Cope, which is said to be the most likely. The second is near Fairwinds neighbourhood at 195 Huntmar Drive. The opening of the school is slotted for 2021. Much public consultation will likely be done as the next steps occur in the planning stages.

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