We are so blessed to have so many talented people among our clients and supporters. Barbara Bond, an author, is one of them. She has just released another book that we are happy to share with you.

Here’s a note from the author:

“After 30 years of research and three years of writing, I’ve finally published Everyday Enemies, a novel based on real life events in Woodstock, N.Y. and Washington, D.C. in the 1980s. It’s also a cautionary tale for what lies ahead under President Donald Trump and his new director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

At the time, the famous little town was without drinking water for 19 months while asbestos spewed from their taps. Crumbling asbestos-cement water pipes were to blame. And Woodstock was not alone. Pipes leached asbestos in Weston, Wisconsin and in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Some 400,000 miles of the stuff lay buried in North America, enough to circle the globe 16 times.

For a time, Anne Gorsuch—yes, the mother of the Trump nominee for the Supreme Court—was the Reagan administration’s EPA director. A self-described member of the “House Crazies” in Colorado—conservative lawmakers intent on permanently changing government—she was the first woman to hold the post. She gutted the agency, cutting its budget by 22 percent—as the current EPA director is expected to do. She hired corporate lawyers and lobbyists and weakened regulations opposed by their former bosses—a General Motors lawyer, an Exxon lawyer, and a Dow Chemical lobbyist. Her chief of staff was the lawyer and lobbyist for Johns-Manville, the giant asbestos company that was struggling to survive in the face of strong science that asbestos caused cancer. The Gorsuch EPA shut down all research into asbestos in drinking water, steered a regulation that would protect no one and in all likelihood was behind the false imprisonment of a professor in the Midwest who was trying to determine the truth of the hazard. He had to be silenced. In time, Anne Gorsuch was forced to resign after Congress cited her for contempt in its investigation of mishandling of the $1.6 billion toxic waste Superfund.  

How did Woodstock rise to its challenge in those dark days when other communities had failed? In this fictional account, based on documents, hockey-mom Cassandra Duncan emerges in Erin Brockovich-like fashion. Fuelled by her need to protect her young sons, she finds allies in the state capital, in New York City and a whistleblower in Washington. But she pays a huge price for her effort.

It’s a dark story that follows a steady beam of light, and I hope, one that will inspire and instruct  those who care about the looming Trump/Pruitt assaults on the powerful agency charged with protecting clean water, clean air and the environment.  

Everyday Enemies is available in hard copy on Amazon.com for $14.95 and on Kindle for $1.00. (My greater interest is having the story widely read, not in profiting from it.)”

Please let us know if you read the novel and let us know what you think!