There are a number of new developments in the process of the site preparation throughout Stittsville and Kanata. Whenever we find these are adjacent to our listings we delve into research mode so we have answers for both our sellers and any potential buyers of the listings.

30 Friendly Crescent is located on a quiet street in the south of Stittsville near schools and parks and trails. Recently we noticed that the land adjacent to 30 Friendly, which is situated on the curve of the crescent, was being prepped for development.

We found out that the builders will be quality builders such as Tartan and Cardel. We also found out that building likely will not start until the fall of 2018. Lastly, we were given access to this link: which shows exactly what a good position 30 Friendly is in.

With a walking path on the one side, the new development will maintain the city property directly beside 30 Friendly as well as its neighbouring lot. Putting two lots in between 30 Friendly and any new development. On this city property will remain the city pumping station and a walking path will also be put in that brings you to the new development. There will not be however, houses directly beside and Friendly Crescent will NOT become a through road.

If you have any questions at all please let us know.