BelleRegards group shot in an alley

CANCELLED! SO SORRY! The BelleRegards are a four-piece folk band based out of Toronto and play what they like to call “rowdy folk”. With more than a hint of bluegrass and rockabilly, the band is identified by high-energy live shows, foot-stomping rhythms, trad breaks, and good humor. They love to get the crowd moving with them—whether to an upbeat two-step or swaying to a ballad, their shows invite you to join in the fun. The members of the band hail from four different provinces in Canada and each bring a unique flavour to The BelleRegards’ sound which is built on the raw vocals of Matthew Kingsley and Melanie Hilmi, driven by the slap-rhythms and bowed upright bass of Mitchell Thomson, and infused with old-timey French-Canadian fiddle by David Poulin.  Here is one of my favourites.

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