Why You SHOULD Use a Realtor when Purchasing a New Home Build

Many buyers think that using a licensed Realtor in the purchase of a new home build is not necessary since there are sales representatives at the sales office who can guide them through the process. However, at no cost to you, you can bring in your OWN representative...a licensed Realtor...the same way you would use [...]

Why You SHOULD Use a Realtor when Purchasing a New Home Build2019-07-17T09:39:19-04:00

June 2019 Market Update

We have a market update for you for Ottawa's real estate market for the month of June 2019. We are still seeing that it is a seller's market and it will be interesting to see how that plays out for the summer months. For Residential sales, the number of sales is up 2% from last [...]

June 2019 Market Update2019-07-09T09:20:06-04:00

Want to Buy a Condo, but Not Sure How it Works?

In today’s real estate market, buyers have a variety of different options: single detached homes, semi-detached homes, town homes, new construction, resale homes and condominiums.   There has been a growing trend towards the purchase of condominiums.  However, many buyers are not familiar with how condominiums work. When a buyer purchases a condo, he or she [...]

Want to Buy a Condo, but Not Sure How it Works?2019-06-26T09:42:04-04:00

A Guide to Ottawa’s 2019 Festival Season

Festival season in Ottawa is already in full swing! With the Canadian Tulip Festival over, and somewhat chilly, we hope for better weather for the numerous upcoming festivals that will take us right into autumn. Do you have a favourite or one that you absolutely will not miss?? Let us know! Ottawa Italian Week Festival [...]

A Guide to Ottawa’s 2019 Festival Season2019-06-11T15:41:04-04:00

May 2019 Market Update

May was another busy month for Ottawa real estate. Some say that the market will become a bit more balanced next year but nothing is certain. We feel that if you have a place to sell and are considering selling, now is the time so please contact us to Home For Sale Real Estate [...]

May 2019 Market Update2019-06-10T13:31:18-04:00