It’s That Time of Year: Test Your Home for Radon!

It just so happens that November is Radon Awareness Month in Canada and the timing could not be more perfect. We are all spending more time in our homes than ever before and the colder months are the ideal time of year to test for radon in our homes, ensuring that our families are [...]

It’s That Time of Year: Test Your Home for Radon!2020-11-02T13:08:35-05:00

Exploring Ontario Distilleries

Exploring being limited this time of year, we can explore what is being distilled right here in Ontario. Corn, Rye, Wheat, Barley, Milk, Apples, Grapes, Oats, fruits and crafting all sorts of tasty others to mix craft cocktails.. North Of 7 Distillery | Ottawa Shop Vodka, Gin, Rum 40%/57%/spiced, Whisky, White Dog [...]

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Best in the West.. Ottawa to Eat

I am a self-confessed lover of food...and proud of it. Part of what appeals so much to me about being able to live in Ottawa is our access to such a variety of amazing food!! The multi-cultural influence....the quality of local products available to chefs...and the relationships between restaurants and locals makes for a [...]

Best in the West.. Ottawa to Eat2020-11-09T20:48:34-05:00

Royal star-gazing at the Diefunbunker

Growing up in rural New Brunswick allowed me something that has been difficult to experience now that I live in the “big city”…….the experience of star-gazing! I could wander into the fields, and except for the occasional interrupting neigh of a horse, be able to dream a child’s dreams with only the light from the [...]

Royal star-gazing at the Diefunbunker2020-03-04T14:16:46-05:00

Tis Fair Season!

Old Home Week! It was the magical fair in Woodstock New Brunswick that we all looked forward to each year. In our household, because my father showed horses and always went in the parade, it was also a time of work….polishing harness …which by the way….is hard work and NO FUN!! But it was [...]

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