1. There are 8 grocery stores throughout Ottawa, from east end to west end, selling beer as of now. CLICK HERE to find out where in your neighbourhood.
  2. Beer, at this time, is only being sold in six packs.
  3. There is a mixture of major beer brands and craft beers. 20% of shelf space is required to be used for Ontario Craft Beer (we, at Evans Team, LOVE this rule….check out our story on Covered Bridge Brewery in Stittsvillebeer
  4. Any Loblaws that are selling beer have committed to holding 50% of its shelf space for Ontario Craft Beer.
  5. There will be special checkouts for beer at the grocery stores with signs stipulating them as “Beer Lanes”.
  6. The cashiers working the “Beer Lanes” have all passed the mandatory Ontario Smart Serve course.
  7. Wine could be next….

What are your thoughts on beer being sold in grocery stores?