What a wonderful way to say “Begone November blahs!”. I smile just imagining this band in our presence! Check out their video for proof that this female duo is indeed an enchanted pairing.

The two songwriters have combined their talents and their names to form a musical tour-de-force that causes listeners to sit up and take notice. Beckon’s sheer joy of performing is infectious, evidenced by their enthusiastic and devoted following.   Trading off between piano and guitar, and seamlessly shifting between lead and harmony, it is at times difficult to distinguish their individual voices in this captivating and seemingly effortless pairing.  With their fresh acoustic pop sound and graceful style Beckon achieves a broad commercial appeal.  Rapidly gaining recognition for their captivating original music and stunning trademark harmonies, Beckon breathes life into songs that emanate from a deep, genuine place in their hearts and resonate so loudly within our own.