We here at Evans Team, as most of you know, love a lot of this City’s many wonderful restaurants. Supply and Demand: Foods and Raw Bar is however, one of our very favourites! We had one of our most successful Tasting Ottawa events at this restaurant…actually make that TWO of our most successful…we had to go back a second time. Therefore, we were so pleased to see a fantastic article about the restaurants owners yesterday in the S&DWebpaper. Steve Wall (owner and chef) and Jennifer Wall (owner and manager) raise their family of 4 in Ottawa and keep the business a family affair so they are able to balance family and work. Have a read through the article HERE. I particularly loved the description of their backyard garden.

Also in the article we hear about pasta being a family staple for dinner. Steve will bring home the homemade pasta he makes that day at work that does not get used. The article provides us with a great recipe for Cacio e Pepe (a favourite of mine since childhood) and also informs us that they will now have a stall at the Farmer’s Market in Byron Park in Westboro where they will be selling up to five types of homemade pasta! We are thrilled!

If you haven’t been to Supply and Demand…go immediately! And let us know when you try their pasta!