10 Items to Think About When Considering Adding an Investment Property to Your Portfolio

Are you thinking of adding real estate to your investment portfolio? There are many things to consider when deciding where, what and when to purchase. Here is a list of ten things to consider as you look for the ideal investment purchase. Rent: You absolutely need to know what comparable rental properties in the area [...]

10 Items to Think About When Considering Adding an Investment Property to Your Portfolio2018-01-25T13:27:33-05:00

Ottawa’s Top Events this Week

The city may be frozen right now but we are due for some warmer weather this upcoming weekend. Our City has lots going on this week and upcoming weekend so be sure to check out one or two of the events we have posted here. Have a great week! Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro - [...]

Ottawa’s Top Events this Week2018-01-24T11:51:40-05:00

Finally! A New Public High School for Stittsville

Yes...it's true! A new public high school has been approved with a budget of $37.4 million from the provincial government. The news dropped on Friday to the relief of much of Stittsville's population as the community has been pushing for this since about 2003. Stittsville's population is growing exponentially and is said to be, by [...]

Finally! A New Public High School for Stittsville2018-01-22T10:34:36-05:00

Kanata Market Update

We are halfway through January, just beginning the New Year and the real estate market all over Ottawa is booming. We will see more and more houses come on the market as the spring nears but for right now it is definitely a seller's market. In Kanata specifically the average selling price has risen up [...]

Kanata Market Update2018-01-18T14:14:13-05:00

Why You Should Sell This Winter

Homeowners tend to think that winter is a really tough time to sell their homes and it some instances we understand why. It's cold out, people don't want to go out looking, most people don't want to move in the winter etc. etc. However...we've got FOUR BIG REASONS you should sell this winter! Buyer Demand [...]

Why You Should Sell This Winter2018-01-10T15:08:54-05:00
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