Ottawa’s Top Events this Weekend

There is lots to do in Ottawa this weekend so pick any of the below and enjoy! December arrives next week so be sure to get out with the family and enjoy the city before the busy weekends of the holidays begin. Family Fun Zone for the Grey Cup Weekend - The Family Fun Zone [...]

Ottawa’s Top Events this Weekend2017-11-23T13:34:51-05:00

November 2017 Newsletter

Education….it should never end….and learning in real estate is no different than in any other profession. In fact in many cases it can be MORE important. Case in point…. A recent course on Radon Gas that I took, given by Kelley Bush, Head of Radon Health and Awareness with Health Canada. (Brilliant presenter, by [...]

November 2017 Newsletter2017-11-30T14:05:45-05:00

Radon: What You Need to Know

We attended a seminar late last week that was completely about radon gas and what WE and YOU need to know. It was very enlightening. What we learned: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas released when uranium in soil and/or rock breaks down. Radon is invisible, odourless and tasteless. Radon does not tend to [...]

Radon: What You Need to Know2017-11-20T16:13:27-05:00

Our Evening with Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese

We had our fourth annual evening with Grace in the Kitchen last night and again it was beyond our highest expectations. We are so blessed to be able to partner with this local kitchen and food store every year to bring our clients one of our best client events every November. The store closes for [...]

Our Evening with Grace in the Kitchen & Serious Cheese2017-11-16T12:48:17-05:00

Wreath Night at the Carp Garden Centre: RSVP NOW!

Our Next Event! Discovering Ottawa with Carp Garden Centre SOLD OUT! Christmas IS truly around the corner! One of our most popular events of the year is just around the corner too! Join us on December 5 at 6:30 pm for our annual wreath night with Carp Garden Centre at the Carp Fairgrounds. This one [...]

Wreath Night at the Carp Garden Centre: RSVP NOW!2017-11-29T14:36:55-05:00
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