Free or Almost Free Friday!

There is a chill in the air today and it is definitely starting to feel like actual autumn here in Ottawa. Fall is a great time for both outdoor and indoor activities in our city and we have a bunch of FREE activities for you this weekend. Gatineau Park - with over 165 kilometers of [...]

Free or Almost Free Friday!2017-04-11T21:43:53-04:00

Free (or Almost Free) Friday!

It's the long weekend! We are thankful for the great city we live in and all of the FREE events it has to take advantage of. Happy Thanksgiving! Perth Autumn Studio Tour - running all weekend from 10 to 5 everyday. Free admission. Enjoy the turning autumn leaves and the beautiful pieces created by Perth's [...]

Free (or Almost Free) Friday!2017-04-11T21:43:53-04:00

Mortgage News: Changes to Mortgage Qualification Rules

An important announcement from the Minister of Finance about qualification rules.  Basically up to now mortgage providers could use the lower 5 year fixed rate to qualify people, any term lower than that required qualification using a much higher rate of interest, called the Bank of Canada qualifying rate.  Now all insured mortgages need to [...]

Mortgage News: Changes to Mortgage Qualification Rules2017-04-11T21:43:53-04:00