Every house that is listed on the MLS system is given a “Walk Score”. The data is pulled from online maps using Bing maps and Google maps. Because the data is pulled from these sources the walk score does miss certain items and amenities like smaller parks, wooded areas and bike and walking paths. I know….a program designed to determine walkability missing walking paths?? The real issue with this is that by taking main roads, it will of course take you longer to get where you want to go….walking paths cut the time down immensely.

Take our listing at 38 Grengold Way as an example. Looking on the amenity map on Google you can clearly see that there is a park behind the street and that there are numerous walking trails. However, on MLS it receives a Walk Score of 61, which is deemed somewhat walkable. We KNOW that it is closer to a 90 which means walker’s parasdise where daily errands do not require a car!

A walking trail that you can pick up around the corner off of Hemlo Crescent will take you to Kanata Signature Centre in under 5 minutes. Signature Centre provides you with Farm Boy, Fratelli Restaurant, an LCBO, boutiques, a salon and a Shoppers Drugmart, not to mention a Beer Store, Bank of Montreal and Quizno’s and Dairy Queen. Right next to Signature Centre is Kanata Centrum which is THE shopping mecca of Kanata, the go-to place for everything you could need. Kanata Centrum offers too many restaurants to count including Montana’s, Aperitivo, Moxie’s, Milestone’s, Central Bierhaus and many more. Loblaws, Walmart, Chapters and Best Buy are a few of the big shops where there are also smaller boutiques, banks and more. With one walking trail and 5 minutes 38 Grengold Way gives you all of this! Oh and that’s not to mention Canadian Tire, Starbucks and the movie theatre!

Walk Score names Whalen Park as the closest park to 38 Grengold Way. Whalen Park is a great spot and a large greenspace and it IS close to Grengold Way! However, there are a handful of smaller other parks that are a minute’s walk away from 38 Grengold Way.

As for Culture and Entertainment, Walk Score says that 38 Grengold Way isn’t that close to much but we beg to differ! Kanata Golf & Country Club is around the corner and the Landmark Cinema with 24 screens is located in Centrum showing all of the latest films as well as doing special editions of live acted plays filmed.

As you can see daily errands such as groceries, pharmacy, odds and ends would not require a car. Also, arts and entertainment whether it be a movie or going out to dinner would not require a car. Schools, parks, trails…all within minutes!

We challenge you to challenge any Walk Scores you see….find the walking trails as opposed to main streets you can take to get where you’re going and cut off so much time!