I know it’s snowing out there….yet AGAIN…but really, pool opening season is coming! Here at Evans Team Ottawa we use Power Play Pools for all of our pool needs so we thought we’d share their fantastic packages for the 2015 season:

1. BRONZE opening – $189.00 – No cover opening

  • Remove all winter plus
  • Reinstall return fittings, equipment drain plugs, baskets, ladders, handrails, diving boards etc.
  • Reconnect filter, pump, heater, chlorinator, solar panels etc.
  • Start-up of equipment and maintenance systems ensuring system operates leak free
  • Addition of start-up chemicals (shock & algaecide)

2. SILVER opening – $365.00 – Covered opening

  • In addition to all bullets from BRONZE opening…
  • Remove leaves from cover, bag, and leave curbside for pick-up
  • Remove and clean cover (pressure wash) and clean water bags, fold for storage
  • Option to pump & recycle water on top of cover into pool if clean/or pump away to drain
  • Sweep deck around pool

3. GOLD opening – $565.00 – Covered opening with Spring Waste Vacuum.

  • In addition to all bullets from BRONZE & SILVER openings….
  • One hour Spring Clean-up Waste Vacuum to remove leaves, debris & sediment

Give them a call at 613-839-7675 for more details and check out their website HERE: http://www.powerplaypools.com/

Also, be sure to sign up for Discovering Ottawa’s next event POOL SCHOOL with Power Play and Impressions Concrete. Read more about it HERE: https://www.evansteamottawa.com/discovering-ottawa/2015/3/19/discovering-ottawa-event-pool-school-with-impressions-concrete-power-play-pools-april-16-at-530-pm