We had two events at much-adored, always-well-reviewed Supply + Demand this week! We have been wanting to hold an event at this restaurant for a long while and we were finally able to do so…and we got such a response that we had to book two nights! Chef Stephen Wall and his wife Jennifer opened this restaurant a little over a year ago and they have received amazing reviews including being ranked 4th in the nation by EnRoute Magazine’s Top 10 list. As you can see, we had much to be excited about.

Night one was fantastic and delicious! Walking in, the staff and atmosphere were very welcoming. We were thrilled to see an open-concept kitchen….it is a feature in restaurants that we love! The décor is tasteful but still unique and the atmosphere is inviting. The whole meal was presented on sharing platters and served family style; this is another aspect of dining we love to see because it really brings the group together and stimulates conversation about the food which is, after all, why we began Tasting Ottawa.

 The meal began with homemade rolls with, wait for it….butter infused with bacon fat. And yes…butter is even better with bacon! It was a great way to start off our meal; the rolls were soft and warm with a slightly crisp crust on the top and the butter had this slight hint of bacon as it melted in your mouth…delish!

Our appetizer course was tuna crudo with a house-cured coppa which is a type of Italian-style ham. The tuna was mild and melt-in-your-mouth. Its subtle flavour was highlighted by citrus and herbs and the salty bite of the coppa. Paired with the tuna was Supply + Demand’s famous kale salad with bacon, Sheep’s milk cheese and caper vinaigrette. The salad has notes of a Caesar without the egg dressing and parmesan, the caper vinaigrette is tangy and fresh and because the kale is massaged before plated, the usually tough leaves are tender. This was one of the highlights for me and it would be a regular part of any meal I order at Supply + Demand in the future.

For our main course, the chef prepared a butterflied, whole-roasted trout with gribiche, potatoes and carrots and brusselsprouts with anchovy vinaigrette as a side. The presentation was beautiful – the butterflied trout was presented on planks with the head and tail for those that wanted to partake but the fillets themselves were easy to remove for those that did not. The fish was tender and moist and those that did eat the cheek meat from the heads said it was very good. The homemade gribiche, or tartar sauce, was tangy and fresh…the perfect pairing for the fish. Roasted new potatoes and baby carrots paired perfectly with the trout. My favourite was the delicious morsels of brusselsprouts that were salty and tangy, with a crunch from puffed quinoa – bites of heaven! Even those that don’t like the sometimes-dreaded brusselsprout would love them!

Dessert was a delectable treat! Brought again on beautiful wooden planks, it was brioche French toast topped with crème fraiche and shaved, roasted white chocolate. Served with Bourbon, maple syrup and….foie gras! The brioche is the best bread to make French toast with…hands down. Brioche is a very buttery bread with lots of eggs that makes it crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, making it ideal for French toast. The white chocolate is house-roasted and it was to die for! The minute the chocolate hits the palette it melted into this sweet/bitter taste that accented that brought out the sweetness of the syrup and texture of the bread. I, myself, am not a fan of foie gras but Carole said the salty-sweet combination was an excellent match. We were even treated to a complimentary glass of port that paired perfectly with the dessert.

My Ottawa food life is forever changed with Supply + Demand taking up a top spot to visit regularly. I can’t wait to go back…even if its just for that amazing kale salad again.

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– Barbara, Evans Team Ottawa