Happy Happy New Year to all! We here at Evans Team are thrilled to ring in 2014. We are so looking forward to a busy, successful and most importantly, fulfilling, year. We cannot wait to see you at our Evans Team events whether it be a Discovering Ottawa, a Tasting Ottawa or one of the many Home Concert events this season has to offer. Be sure to stay tuned to our website and all of our social media outlets for updates.

Now, as many of you know, Evans Team Ottawa ADORES food and we do count ourselves “foodies”. I loved this article in the Citizen this week listing the top 2014 Food Trends:

1. Roast Chicken: I adore roasted chicken, it is such a comfort food for me. Plus, the leftovers make amazing soup stock, traditional sandwiches and are great thrown into a salad for a healthy office lunch.

2. Devilled Eggs: I am thrilled these are making a comeback. They are so easy to prepare, can be made in many different ways and are a convenient and delicious contribution to a party.

3. Noodles: Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese…I pretty much like noodles cooked in any sort of way! Try a gluten-free option if you have an allergy…most grocers now carry gluten-free brands and the taste is SO similar.

4. Wild Game: For me, game is something that is something I’ve only recently started to explore and I’m excited to try ever more varieties. My favourite so far has been rabbit!

5. Communal Restaurant Dining: This is something that I am interested to participate in. I’m not sure it is something I will love but I know it will be a great experience and I love a restaurant with a casual feel.

Check out the Ottawa Citizen’s full article HERE.

My goals for my food in 2014: Local, SEASONAL product…I know, I know…so passé but it really is so important and I’m going to keep it going in 2014. Eat earlier…and slower, I want to enjoy and savour every bite.

Happy Cooking and Happy Dining!

– Barbara