The Ottawa Hospital is set to receive 60 acres of federal property to rebuild its Civic campus that is on Carling Avenue. The exact land is not yet decided upon but it will be on the northwest corner of the Central Experimental Farm. Although this will be an expensive rebuild, the government has know for a long time that a change in Ottawa’s health care is necessary. While Friends of the Farm, a volunteer group with the Experimental Farm were not consulted they are not necessarily against this either. Studies have led to the conclusion that the agricultural land is too large to begin with and the loss of 60 acres to something that will help health care is acceptable.

The new hospital would do specialized surgeries such as organ transplants and would participate in ground breaking experimental treatments. The rebuild is expected to be completed two decades from now and would leave the existing campus able to be used for specialized programs. No decisions have been made yet but what is for sure is that the Civic will be rebuilt at some point soon. Current projects in place at the Civic, like the expansion of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute will continue their work as they will be needed long before the rebuild is complete.

What are your thoughts on this?

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