This Saturday, on CBC’s In Town And Out, food reviewer Kent Van Dyk shared his thoughts on three downtown Ottawa lunch favourites – Clover, Gooney’s and Japanese Village. Read on for a synopsis of his thoughts at each restaurant.

CLOVER – Just opened in June, Van Dyk says this is the favourite of the three and he was very pleasantly surprised. “Honest, straightforward soul-satisfying food” with limited means, or “Spartan” means as Van Dyk puts it. All of the food is locally sourced and their partners are all listed on the menu. Van Dyk had the Borscht soup and a Ploughman’s lunch (a mix of cheese, meat and bread with pickles). The food was simple but the quality of ingredients was evident.

GOONEY’S – Keep an eye out for this place because it blends in with its surroundings. This is a sandwich place first and foremost and they have a great selection of sandwiches but also salads and Arepas…a latin delicacy. Van Dyk said the service was “so so friendly” and that it was fast, affordable and a great place for lunch.

JAPANESE VILLAGE – This is definitely an Ottawa landmark, it has been there since the early 70s. Van Dyk was pleasantly surprised as he sat at a communal table and chatted with the very informative chef. He says it would especially a fun place to go with a lot of people though he found for lunch the food was a bit heavy. Great vegetarian options!

Have you tried any of these restaurants? I’m dying to try Clover now!