Are you thinking of downsizing but feel overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” you would have to put into a smaller space? This article from the Ottawa Citizen gives a great example of an Ottawa woman who successfully downsized, not once, but twice!

Obviously downsizing can be an emotionally overwhelming time. The process requires going through long-owned belongings and deciding what you need versus desire. The result however is a simplification of lifestyle that be very rewarding.

The Citizen interviewed Marla Colbert about her experience downsizing times two and here are the most important tips we got from the interview:

1. Ask yourself “what do I actually use?”

2. Look at what may seem to be an inefficient space and see how you can use it to suit your lifestyle.

3. Don’t be afraid of small DIY projects to make a small space work best for you.

4. Don’t furnish a small space with tiny furniture necessarily.

5. Maximize storage space. There are so many shops that offer amazing storage solutions – utilize them!

Read the full article here: to see Colbert’s beautiful 531 square foot studio overlooking the Rideau Canal. Be sure to watch the video of her speaking first-hand about her downsizing experience.

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